A well-organized process with an open dialogue is crucial to achieve a good outcome. The following steps give a broad outline of our design process:

1.   Initial consultation: assess the needs of the client

2.   Draft overall design: from ideas and floor plan to suitable design

3.   Second consultation: presentation to the client, feedback, dialogue and corrections

4.   Detailed design: Based upon  the approved overall plan and design, create: Ceiling plan; Lighting plan; Floor plan; Fittings design; Collage, colour and materials; Specifications for craftsmen; Material to obtain quotes from suppliers

5.   Monitoring of project: Regular meetings with client, working meetings with craftsmen, quality control

6.   Final consultation: Final meeting with client

We can assist with a complete solution (design as well as project management), a partial solution (design) or simply provide advice and guidance as desired by the client. After an initial assessment of the scope of work involved, we can provide an estimate of the costs involved. Good design constitutes a small amount of the total costs of a project, but can significantly improve the project’s functional, aesthetic and financial attributes.

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